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Unadulterated Srilankan Cinnamon Sticks (Dalchini)

Unadulterated Srilankan Cinnamon Sticks (Dalchini)

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  • Cinnamon is one of the perfect spices with a distinct flavor used in Indian and International cuisines
  • Good quality cinnamon is tan-brown in color and contains many tight sticks with soft layers. These features provide a highly desirable quality and texture
  • Medically it has been reported that consuming at least one-half teaspoon of cinnamon each day may reduce blood sugar and cholesterol level
  • Our spices are unadulterated and in a pure format which would give the actual flavour of cinnamon which is stronger and better than most products sold in the market. The market is flooded with cassia which is not pure cinnamon and can deteriorate health.
  • Shelf-life: 6 Months
  • Category: Vegetarian
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to store the product after first use?

We recommend keeping the products in cool dry place in air tight condition to lock in the flavours and reap the benefits of multiple use within the expiration date

Can the products be returned after purchase?

We value our customer's experience with our products. Though we won't be able to guarantee return on every request, you can write to us at "" with your specific query and supportive materials to understand if it falls under our return policy norms. We ensure to respond within 24 hrs.

Are your products suitable for people with allergies?

Some of our products contain nuts, gluten and preservatives. Kindly read the ingredients mentioned in the product label to check for any content that might be allergic to you.

Do we ship internationally?

Our products are available across India, but we don't provide international shipping at the moment. Make sure to follow us on instagram to know when we open services worldwide.