Welcome to the world of lip-smacking South Indian foods

We at Southside Habits are committed to bringing the flavors and traditions of South India to your plate. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create high-quality food products that capture the essence of South Indian cuisine.

The start of our journey

Living far away from home in North India for many years, gave us the realisation that, people all over, love the burst of flavours in South Indian meals and snacks. Our Amma's delightful treats, which she always packed before giving us a tearful goodbye hug, not only saved us but also became a highly anticipated treat for our friends and colleagues.

For the love of South Indian flavours

With locally sourced raw materials from farmers in the Eastern Ghats and Coastal plains, carefully and hygienically processed in small batches, with a touch of innovative flavours and modern packaging, we want to create a nostalgic and delightful experience in everyone’s mind, with an array of our products.