Nostalgic Candy Bliss: Relive Your Sweet Childhood Memories with Southside Habits

Nostalgic Candy Bliss: Relive Your Sweet Childhood Memories with Southside Habits


Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about the good old days when life was simple, and candy was a cherished treasure? For those of us who grew up in South India, there's a special place in our hearts for nostalgic candies like Coconut Jaggery Candy, Orange Candy, Ginger Candy, Honey Candy, Mint Candy, and many more. These delectable treats filled our childhood with joy and laughter, and the mere thought of them now brings back a flood of cherished memories.

 We invite you to take a delightful trip down memory lane and rediscover the magic of these iconic South Indian candies, which, thanks to Southside Habits, are making a sweet comeback.

  • Coconut Jaggery Candy (Chow Mittai):
    • The Coconut Kiss: Remember the sweet, nutty aroma of freshly grated coconut mixed with the earthy sweetness of jaggery? These candies embodied the essence of South India and were the go-to treats for grandmothers and kids alike. This hard candy is a real jaw breaker, but equally fun to just chew away during the day.
  • Orange Candy (Naranga Mittai):
    • Tangy Citrus Delight: The burst of tangy, citrusy goodness in every bite of Naranga Mittai was enough to make any day brighter. As kids, we couldn't get enough of this zesty delight. With fun flavours of both orange and lemon this candy is something to keep licking to get the colour on your tounge and a great feel in your mouth.
  • Ginger Candy (Inji Mittai):
    • Warm and Spicy Hug: Inji Mittai, with its soothing blend of ginger and sweetness, was the candy equivalent of a warm hug on a rainy day. It was the remedy for everything from tummy aches to gloomy moods.
  • Honey Candy (Thaen Mittai):
    • Nature's Sweetness: Thaen Mittai was a celebration of the natural sweetness of honey. These soft chewy candy provides a burst of energy during playtime and a touch of sweetness to life's everyday moments.
  • Mint Candy (Gas Mittai):
    • Cooling Minty Freshness: Gas Mittai, with its cooling minty flavor, was the ultimate refresher after a spicy meal. Pop one in your mouth, and instantly feel rejuvenated.
  • Sugar Coated Imli Candy:
    • Tangy Tamarind Temptation: Imli Candy's combination of sweet and tangy flavors was a taste explosion in every bite. It made summer afternoons and road trips unforgettable.

The Longing for the Past:

As we reminisce about these nostalgic candies, there's a longing to experience those sweet moments once again. Southside Habits understands this sentiment and is committed to bringing back the magic of these candies. They have meticulously recreated the authentic recipes, capturing the essence of our fondest memories in every candy. You can now order these wonderful candies from

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